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You are able to burn off sure leather in the furnance for getting tanned leather. One particular coal is more than enough for 8 tanned leather-based.

The backpack mod provides 16 backpacks to minecraft all distinct shades, the backpacks are used as portable stock chests. Cary stock inside the backpacks while not having to drop by chests.

verb – past tense, past participle bagged – 1. To place right into a bag. in 'n sak steek يَضَعُ في كيس أو حَقيبَه، يُعَبّئ пъхам в торба ensacar dát do tašky, dát do pytle in eine Tasche stecken pakke sine ting βάζω σε τσάντα ensacar, embolsar kotti panema در کیسه یا پاکت ریختن asettaa kassiin mettre en sac לַשִׂים בַּתִיק थैले में रखना strpati u torbu zsákba rak memasukkan ke kantung sekkja, setja í poka mettere in una borsa 袋に入れる 자루에 넣다 (į)dėti į krepšį likt somā/maisā mengisi ke dalam beg in een zak doen putte/ha i en pose wsadzać do torby به بکس کی اچول، په کڅوړه كي اچول، په تو بره كي اچول ensacar a pune în sacoşă класть в мешок dať do tašky spraviti v vrečo staviti u torbu packa (lägga) i påse (säck) ใส่ถุง; เอาใส่กระเป๋า torbaya koymak 把.

You are able to search by brand, style, coloration, product, ailment or selling price to search out the proper purse in your case. And naturally you are able to stay in addition to the most up-to-date tendencies by checking out new arrivals.

a great deal of. He's bought luggage of cash. sakke vol أكْياس من، كَميّات مِن много montes de hromada (čeho), habaděj die Menge masser af σωρός, μεγάλη ποσότητα από κτ. montones de kottide kaupa مقدار زیاد tukuittain des tas deהרבה ढेर सारा puno, mnogo rengeteg banyak hellingur un sacco di たくさんの 다량의 daugybė milzums; lērums banyak massa's massevis av, i massevismnóstwo دیر زیات montes de (o) grămadă de уйма kopa, fileúra na kupe gomila massor av จำนวนมาก dolu, bol, çOkay 許多 багато بڑی مقدار میں rất nhiều 许多

Despite their simplicity, baggage are already fundamental for the event of human civilization, as they allow people today to simply acquire loose materials such as berries or foods grains, and to move additional products than could conveniently be carried in the fingers.

steal this contact form - just take with no operator's consent; "Anyone stole my wallet on the train"; "This author stole complete paragraphs from my dissertation"

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3rd base, third - The bottom that have to be touched third by a foundation runner in baseball; "he was cut down on an in depth play at 3rd"

حَقِيبَةحَقيبَه، كيسقنيص، محصول قَنيص، مَحْصول الصَّيْديَضَعُ في كيس أو حَقيبَه، يُعَبّئيَقْنُصُ ، يَصطاد، يَقْتُلُ

air bag - a security restraint in an auto; the bag inflates on collision and stops the motive force or passenger from currently being thrown ahead

At times weighty obligation reusable plastic and cloth luggage are bought, typically costing €0.5 to €1, and these may perhaps replace disposable bags completely. At times cost-free replacements are made available in the event the bag wears out. A noteworthy exception to this trend is the UK, exactly where disposable plastic baggage are still freely obtainable and so are dominant. This craze has unfold to some towns in America.

You will find environmental issues concerning use and disposal of plastic buying and trash bags. Efforts are being taken to control and cut down their use in certain European Union nations around the world, together with Eire plus the Netherlands. Occasionally A budget baggage are taxed so The client need to pay out a payment in which they may not have carried out previously.

a homeless woman who carries all around along with her all her belongings, commonly in shopping baggage. Bag females typically slumber on benches in public parks and railway stations. bergie, hawelose, boemelaar المُتَشَرِّدات، نِساءُ الحَقائِب бездомна жена mendiga bezdomovkyně die Obdachlose posedame άστεγη γυναίκα που μεταφέρει τα υπάρχοντά της σε σακούλες mujer indigente kodutu naine پیرزن بی خانمان kassi-alma clocharde אִישָׁה חַסרַת בָּיִת बेघर महिला prosjakinja hajléktalan nő wanita gelandangan (donna senzatetto che porta in giro con sé le tutte sue cose) ホームレスの女性 (미 속어) 여자 마약 장수 nešuliais apsikrovusi valkata bezpajumtniece perempuan yang tiada tempat berteduh zwerfsteruteligger, hjemløs kvinne bezdomna żebraczka بي كوره ښځه женщина-бомж bezdomovkyňa beračica beskućnica kvinnlig uteliggare, baglady หญิงจรจัด kadın berduş 將家當(裝在袋裡)帶在身上的女遊民 старчиха بے آسرا خاتون người phụ nữ vô gia cư 露宿街头的无家可归的女人,女流浪者

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